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TEMC 2015

Session  Concurrent Session A Downloads      
1 Maurie Pawsey Scholarship Winner Ivana Glavinic May   Abstract / Presentation
2 Leader of the Pack: Which University Pays its General Staff the Best? Ian Dobson  Abstract
3 The Role of Leaders in Enhancing University Employer Attractiveness for Talented Academic Staff Dan Abell  Abstract 
4 View from the Top End – The New Menzies School of Health Research James Edwards  Abstract  / Presentation
5 Developing Leadership Practice Through Mindfulness Within the Tertiary Education Sector Jonathon Hagger  Abstract / Presentation
6 Curriculum Approval Policy Sheree Walker, Jane McCaffrey  Abstract
7 Becoming a Smart Organization: Building Staff & Institutional Capability Sandra Jeffries  Abstract / Presentation



 Session Concurrent Session B Downloads
1 Doing More with Less: Creating an Andragogical Space Plan to Repositioning a Campus by Reutilising Existing Building Stock Lucy O’Driscoll  Abstract
2 Canadian Association for University Business Officers Presentation Michelle Jordan-Tong  Abstract
3 Building Capacity to compete globally – OD can do that Scott Partridge, Lucienne Tessens  Abstract / Presentation
4 The Institute of Marine & Antarctic Studies – A 5 Star Success David Uhlhorn Abstract / Presentation
5 Welcome to Higher Education Survivor: The Global Edition James Phyland Abstract / Presentation
6 Professional Staff, Service Culture & the Student Experience James Armit, Kirsten Emes Abstract
7 Meeting Client Demand in the Learning Resources Environment Natalie Hull, Loretta Atkinson  Abstract


Session Concurrent Session C Downloads     
1 Getting it Right: Measuring Success in the Development of Collaborative Contemporary Teaching & Learning Spaces Carol Home  Abstract / Presentation
2 Getting into Print: Publish or be DamnedIan Dobson  Abstract / Presentation
3 Laboratory Excellence & Collaborative Research Environments: A Global Approach Georgia Singleton, Leslie Ashor  Abstract / Presentation
4 Thinking Outside the Rectangle:  Beyond the Carpark for Sustainable Transport at the University of Tasmania Corey Peterson  Abstract / Presentation
5 Restructuring: The Gap Between Training & Support, & Reality for Managers Cathy Comber  Abstract / Presentation
6 No Pain, No Gain: Restructuring Student Services at the University of Newcastle Bree Slater, Birdene Doherty, Lauren Shield  Abstract / Presentation
7 Technology Assisted Strategic Planning in a Complex Environment; A Global Experience in a Multi-State University Dilawar Grewal, Liz Bare  Abstract / Presentation


 Session Concurrent Session D Downloads    
1 Is it Time to Throw Innovation in the FM Dustbin Donald Macdonald  Abstract / Presentation
2 Achieving Effective Change Management through a Dynamic Communication Strategy Ann Cheryl Armstrong  Abstract / Presentation
3 The Vertical Campus – Lessons & Speculations for Building Tall Universities James Wilson  Abstract
4 Environment & Sustainability Plans & Policies: Solutions, Straight-Jackets or Meaningless Drivel? Brigid Freeman  Abstract / Presentation
5 From Crisis to Leadership of Self: Motivation, Positivity and Empowerment in the Workplace Katy Greenland  Abstract / Presentation
6 Problem Child to Star Pupil – RMIT’s New Academic Street, a Creative Refurbishment Edward Berry  Abstract
7 Why Wait for Technology? Reasons for Continuous Process Improvement Ben Norman, Tania Carrubba Abstract / Presentation



Session Concurrent Session E Downloads     
1  TEFMA International Partners Abstract / Presentation
2 Corporate Governance in the Higher Education Sector: Optimizing the Contributions of University Councils to Universities in Papua New Guinea Lisa Larry Abstract / Presentation
3 One Client, One Project Manager, One Builder, Three Procurement Approaches to Provide Best Value for Money Robert Hickson, Eddie Swat  Abstract
4 Macquarie University Energy Audits – Using Big Data Shane Esmore  Abstract / Presentation
5 Getting to the Promised Land: ACU’s Leadership Model for Achieving Service Excellence William McKendry, Nicole Van de Gard  Abstract
6 The Role of the Applicant Experience in a Competitive Environment Elizabeth Bishara  Abstract / Presentation
7 Getting the Balance Right Between Student Self-Service & the Personal Touch: Meeting Evolving Student Expectations? Lucy Schulz  Abstract / Presentation


Session Concurrent Session F Downloads      
1 Showcasing Sustainability Excellence Sue HopkinsCorey PetersonPaul Camilleri  Abstract / Presentation
2 Current Practice in Academic Workload Allocation Processes in Australia Richard Watson  Abstract / Presentation
3 How Does Strategic Asset Management Planning Influence Campus Master Planning? Julie Rich  Abstract / Presentation
4 Leading Research & Teaching Outcomes Through the UNSW Bio-Medical Precinct Fiona Larkin, Geoffrey Leeson  Abstract
5 Take the Lead in Your Professional Development: Applying for Scholarships & Awards Tanya Rubin, Susan Hudson  Abstract / Presentation
6 Enhancing the Student Experience through Service Excellence Kathy Carey  Abstract / Presentation
7 BIM and Collaboration Get Results Jonathan De Puit, Jan Goetze, Christopher Mouflard  Abstract / Presentation


Session  Concurrent Session G  Downloads    
 1 Is “The New Academic Workplace” an Oxymoron? Reviewing the Scholarly Evidence-Based Literature to Inform Transformative Planning and Design Kenn Fisher, Georgia Singleton  Abstract
 2 Developing a Competitive Edge Through a ‘Flipped’ Approach to Change Dianne Van Eck,Dr Judy Szekeres  Abstract / Presentation
 3 Let Me Be Frank: Relocating the UTS Business School to its New Home, The Gehry Designed Dr Chau Chak Wing Building Paul Sztelma, Craig Lord  Abstract
4 How Well Are You Selling The Sustainability Achievements Of Your University? Jeffrey Robinson  Abstract
5 The Introduction of Research Impact Library Advisory Service: A Case Study in Change Management at the University of Melbourne Peta Humphreys  Abstract
6 X-factor UOW: Student Co-curricular Learning Experiences Alexandra McPaul  Abstract
7 Learning Designs to Accelerate and Deepen Learning: The Use of  3-D Immersive Visualisation Kylie Readman  Abstract / Presentation


Session   Concurrent Session H Downloads     
1 Differentiating through Vision.  New Health Training Facilities for a Second Generation University David Leece  Abstract
2 Contested Strategic Planning Landscapes: Reflections from the Professoriate & the Executive Tess Howes  Abstract
3 Using Big Data to Optimise Tertiary Education Facility Operations Cara Ryan  Abstract / Presentation
4 International Collaborations with AUT’s School of Computer & Mathematical Sciences: Achievements & Challenges Frances Billot  Abstract / Presentation
5 Examining the UK University Model in a Deregulated Environment Conal Newland,Martin Hadland   Abstract / Presentation 
6 Student Early Experience of Using ePortfolios Christine Slade  Abstract / Presentation
7 Collaborating to Solve Wicked Problems. Are we Willing? Carol Harding, Heather Davis  Abstract


Session   Concurrent Session I              Downloads                  
1 Our Journey to Asset Management Excellence Liz Topolcsanyi   Abstract
2 Going Global:  Leading Locally, Leveraging Serendipity & Snowballing Carroll Graham  Abstract / Presentation
3 Learning Space Forecast: Spatial Impact of the 2015 Horizon Report Jo Dane, Sarah Ball  Abstract / Presentation
4 Giving Credit Where Credit is Due: Managing AQF Compliant Credit Assessment Processes Across Global Locations Gerard Shanahan, Suzanne Parker  Abstract / Presentation
5 What Do Academics Think of Professional Staff & What Should We Do About It? Stephen Gray  Abstract / Presentation
6 The SSAF at UON: Challenges, Change, and Innovation Trevor Gerdsen  Abstract / Presentation
7 Going Agile in Student Administration Projects: A New Way of Working With IT Colleagues to Create Benefit for Students & the University Maddy McMaster  Abstract / Presentation


Session   Concurrent Session J Downloads     
1 How “SMART” is your Signage? Enhancing the Student Experience Through Physical & Digital Wayfinding Technologies Bryce Hutchinson, Stephen Minning  Abstract
2 Why Did I Say Yes? My Year as the Enrolments Manager, Leader & Follower Robyn Causley  Abstract / Presentation
3 The Integrated Vocational & Higher Education Precinct: Improving Performance Through a Consolidated Built Environment Shane Wood  Abstract
4 Australia 2030 – The Lucky country or the Pluncky country? Mark Brodsky, Margaret Ruwoldt  Abstract / Presentation
5 Effects of Leadership Styles on Employee Wellbeing & Organisational Outcomes at an Australian Regional University Ataus Samad, Heather Davis  Abstract / Presentation
6 Clear from the Start: Defining when Adjustment are Considered Reasonable Under the Disability Standards for Education Kai Jensen,Rick Boffa  Abstract / Presentation
7 Higher Education Policy Technology & Process Innovation in Three Different Worlds: United States, New Zealand & Papua New Guinea Brigid Freeman  Abstract


Session   Concurrent Session K Downloads     
1 Condition Driven Maintenance: Why Condition Isn’t the Be All and End All Michael McCosker, Kellie Arnold  Abstract / Presentation
2 Coaching: A Way Forward Through Collaborative Empowerment Linda Thompson  Abstract / Presentation
3 Designing Facilities to Enhance the Student Clinical Placement Experience Benjamin Cleveland, Tara Veldman  Abstract
4 Regional Insights into Campus Development Mike Walsh  Abstract / Presentation
5 A Leadership Challenge Shared = Success Joanne Austin,Fiona Spurrell  Abstract / Presentation
6 Managing a MOCC: Reflections on a Year of Coordinating a Massive On-Campus Course  Mary-Rose Adkins  Abstract / Presentation
7 Campus of the Future Anne Kovachevich  Abstract / Presentation


Session   Concurrent Session L Downloads     
1 Contractor Panels for FM – The Solution to Maximising the Efficiency of Compliant Engagement – Reducing Costs & Optimising Outcomes Scott Alden, Mick Serena, Russell Vicar  Abstract / Presentation
2 I Think I Can: I Learnt I Could: How the Take Up of Personal Leadership Can Influence an International Institution Mary-Louise Huppatz, Margaret Ruwoldt  Abstract
3 University of Melbourne’s Arts West Redevelopment – A Case Study in Value-for-Money Sustainability Gerard Healey, Tom Dean  Abstract / Presentation
4 Reaping the benefits of increased international RHD enrolments in engineering Kirsten Dunncliff, Chanel Hopkinson  Abstract / Presentation
5 Leadership Development in Increasingly Global & Competitive Tertiary Education Environments: The Case of eLAMP Examined with an Organisational Development Lens Tony Brown, Heather Davis  Abstract / Presentation
6 Enhancing the Student Experience through UWS Summer Ann Cheryl Armstrong, Katrina White  Abstract / Presentation
7 G20 Brisbane Meetings – International Engagement for Universities Melanie O’Toole  Abstract