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TEMC 2016



Session  Concurrent Session A Downloads      
1 Not all space is equal: Go Case Studies Elizabeth Kuczek    Abstract / Presentation
2 Achieving Strategic Alignment in an outsourced FM relationship Cliff Henderson, Patrick (Pat) Homan  Abstract / Presentation
3 La Trobe 101: A practical orientation program for staff in response to organisational change Simon Hall, Nicole Humphreys, Gina Pederick   Abstract  / Presentation
4 Can “bottom up” innovation strategies improve managerial innovations in the university sector? Anthony Arundel   Abstract  / Presentation
5 Green Grown Award Winner – Victoria University of Wellington – Individual Leadership; Carbon ReductionProfessor Grant Guilford VC, Andrew Wilks   Abstract / Presentation
6 Build it and they will come: engaging staff in the service excellence journey William McKendry  Abstract / Presentation
7 P.O.P. Culture! – creating an intelligent paper outline portal for staff, students and stakeholders Renee Boyer, Karla Buss  Abstract / Presentation



 Session Concurrent Session B Downloads
1 Triple bottom line benefits of day cleaning at the university of Queensland rhetoric to realityLeigh Burgess  Abstract
2 Performance reviews in higher education; do they deliver improved organisational and individual performance?Elizabeth Bare  Abstract / Presentation
3 Opportunity- Adopting BIM on significant construction projects Satish Dahya,Andrew Field Abstract / Presentation
4 We can always be assured of change: A case study of ASSC, La Trobe university Andrea Young
Donna Burnett
Abstract / Presentation
5 Are we there yet?
Creating a culture of accountability in Academic staff
Diana Chegwidden
Abstract / Presentation
6 #ENAS@CQUni Priscilla Stevens-Guiney
Jo Miller,
Peter Vanheck
Abstract / Presentation
7 Campus Energy Systems
An International Perspective 
Geoff Dennis,  Dan Bollman
 Abstract / Presentation


Session Concurrent Session C Downloads     
1 A Hybrid Approach to managing Facilities in a Dynamic Multi Educational Environment Adrian Evans  Abstract
2 Curriculum mapping: A toll to support strategic and cultural change in higher EducationSharon Short  Abstract / Presentation
3 Sustainability: Where We Went Wrong, & The New Brief Digby Hall  Abstract / Presentation
4 The “X Factor” in “CX”: Transforming Customer Experience Debbie Preston  Abstract / Presentation
5 From rhetoric to Reality-One Team to Lead Them All Ben Evans, Karla Gotting, Clare Caruana  Abstract / Presentation
6 Transforming the campus Heart: Finders University Physical and Cultural Change Juan Smith, Jo Dane Abstract / Presentation
7 Smart Campus Initiative at the University of Melbourne- Facilities Management using wireless Big Data Jan Dethlefs  Abstract


 Session Concurrent Session D Downloads    
1 Use of early contractor engagement procurement in a University rebuild Alex Hanlon Abstract
2 Master Planning and the Living LaboratoryNaomi Barun  Abstract / Presentation
3 Real world learning experiences: Blinded learning and work ready opportunities Sarah Tooth, Kate Ramzan-Lev  Abstract / Presentation
4 Comparing Academic Workload Models Stijn Dekeyser  Abstract
5 Green Gown Award Winner- Integrating Sustainability at Melbourne – A Whole of University Approach Danielle Rostan-Herbert  <Abstract / Presentation
6 Delivery of student Administration services Standards at the Australian Catholic University  Nik Linnell  Abstract
7 Post Occupancy Evaluations (POEs) for educational facilities: A mobile application to collect standardised data Lyn ALderman Abstract / Presentation



Session Concurrent Session E Downloads     
1  Maurie Pawsey Award Abstract / Presentation
2 From Rhetoric to reality- Creating the tolls to implement the Monash vision Ruth Wilson
Michael Scott /em>
3 Digital Student Data: Student Mobility and credential Integrity Kathryn Blth  Abstract / Presentation
4 Quality and standards: Cooperation across the ditch Shane Esmore  Abstract / Presentation
5 Women in Leadership- The journey, challenges and triumphs Leanne Cambridge
Lorelle Pollard,
Gillian Di Corleto,
Natalie Downing  
6 Students’ Perceptions of Overseas Exchange Programmes: Are they Effective Opportunities for Personal and Professional Development?Sophia Hayman
Ana Sofia Sousa
 Abstract / Presentation
7 FM Systems.
Implementing ARCHIBUS, case study 
Gordon Scott
 Abstract / Presentation


Session Concurrent Session F Downloads      
1 Delivering result in utility management
Iona Beauly
 Abstract / Presentation
2 A Faculty Aligned- Leveraging Infrastructure to Deliver Vision, Culture and Transformation Elizabeth Wickham,
Ray Thorne, Jonathan James
 Abstract / Presentation
3 The students experience journey: Facing old challenges as new opportunities David Harrington  Abstract
4 Bridging the gap-data governance and business intelligenceKate Carruthers  Abstract / Presentation
5 Influencing academic decision-makers for better process outcomes- Lateral leadership in actionGerard Goodwin-Moore
Kathy Blth
 Abstract / Presentation
6 Showcasing Sustainability Excellence Sue Hopkins Abstract / Presentation
7 BIM in FM: Reality Bites Steve Woodrow
Malcom Foort /em>


Session  Concurrent Session G  Downloads    
 1 Building Security Capability through a Mass Casualty Stimulation Sam Wishart,
Richard Pratten 
 Abstract / Presentation
 2 SCUP Perry Chapman prize, Aligning Strategic Plan with Campus Master-plan-Forecasting Campus 2026 Jo Dane  Abstract
 3 Unexpected Opportunities- The Highs and the Lows of Secondments  Katrina White  Abstract / Presentation
4 Up from the Ashes Grow the Roses of Success Making a positive difference using sharepoint Stephen Rothman  Abstract / Presentation
5 Leadership in learning analytics: QUT’s decade of practice in higher education to inform curriculum conversations  Lyn Alderman  Abstract / Presentation
6 #UONinspire:
Reinventing Orientation 
Ruth Pring
 Abstract / Presentation
7 International Perspectives in Facility Management Bench marking  Abstract


Abstract / Presentation

Session   Concurrent Session H Downloads     
1 Simplified Organic Assets Management Simon Leavers  Abstract
2 University Planning and Architecture: From the Middle Ages to the Modern Paul Roberts  Abstract
3 The Policy/Project Nexus: Addressing an Old Problem in a New Way   Abstract / Presentation
5 Managing up- A Rose by any other NameLyndal McCulloch,
Lauren Marsh
 Abstract / Presentation
6 My Journey in2Uni,UOW University Preperation Program (UPP): Engaging Underrepresented Students in Higher Education Keirin McCormack  Abstract / Presentation
7 The Future of Learning  Anne Kovachevich  Abstract


Session   Concurrent Session I              Downloads                  
1 University of Tasmania IMAS: More than just a building- Green Gown Award Highly Commended Corey Peterson 
2 The University of Oxford and its Colleges: The Evolution of an Estate Paul Roberts  Abstract
3 Flipping the Funnel-A Lesson in SEMform our North American Colleagues Jodie Davis  Abstract
4 Case Study: Wetsern Sydney University,New Science Center, Perramatta CampusShane Wood
Anthony Matthews
 Abstract / Presentation
5 Rhetoric versus reality: Creation of new professional staff leaders Julie Gray  Abstract
6 Tertiary student leadership and Australian Philanthropy  Niki Calastas  Abstract
7 Special Presentation
My Brilliant Career?… Why Nobody Wants to be a University Administrator  
Kathryn Whittingham
 Abstract / Presentation


Session   Concurrent Session J Downloads     
1 Buranda Student Accommodation: Creating a home away from home Peter Bates
Woods Bagot
2 Partnering-Bridging the ‘Great Divide’ Helen Hume  Abstract
3 Full Frontal – How exposed are you ?
When your staff become your students
Robyn Causley
Nicole Berta
 Abstract / Presentation
4 Change Management V’s Cultural Change  Alex Hanlon  Abstract
5 Team management x Leadership x Organisational Culture 101 Stephen Gray Abstract / Presentation
6 Pulse: The Student Voice- the need to listen Peter Barnard  Abstract / Presentation
7 Working out Loud: DIY career skills for the 21st century Margaret Ruwoldt  Abstract / Presentation


Session   Concurrent Session K Downloads     
1 Addressing thermal comfort needs without breaking the bank while keeping the occupants happy James Hepi
Garrit Schot
 Abstract / Presentation
2 Peter Karmel Travel
Reception Presentation
Victoria Black
3 Design Thinking…The why, the what and the how Carol Harding  Abstract
4 Never let a a good crisis go to waste: Seizing the opportunities from the Christchurch earthquakes  Jeff Field  Abstract / Presentation
5 Leadership, Energy Management and Motivation as a Lens for Understanding Teritary Education Management PracticeHeather Davis  Abstract / Presentation
6 Six degrees and University of Melbourne Stop 1 student Services project   Peter Malatt,
Fiona Downie
7 The Journey towards IWMS via an infrastructure led IT RoadMapSimon Barnes
Lesly Mannapperum
 Abstract / Presentation


Session   Concurrent Session L Downloads     
1 Good planning or just plain good luck SMeredith Butler  Abstract / Presentation
2 The Art of the Abstract ( or how to write a killer Conference Abstract) Margaret Ruwoldt,
Gary Bradley 
 Abstract / Presentation
3 Actively Based Working For HDRs: An Experiment in community Amelia Anderberg
John Holm
 Abstract / Presentation
4 Building capacity for change in the Papua New Guinea higher education sectorDavid Kavanamur  Abstract
5 Strengthening a university culture in turbulent times: a case study  Juris Vaprpins  Abstract / Presentation
6 Engaging the Student Voice: Boosting Generation Y Students participation in the feedback cycle Staurt Terry  Abstract / Presentation
7 Building organisational capability through spatial data innovation at the university of Melbourne Jade Germantis  Abstract