TEMC is hosted by ATEM & TEFMA

Cancellation Policy, T&Cs


Cancellations postmarked on or before 1 month prior to the Conference will incur a fee of 50% of the registration amount. No refunds will be made for cancellations postmarked after 1 month from the Conference.

If you are cancelling any or all aspects of your booking: registration, accommodation and/or a tour, this can be done with one correspondence to Leishman Associates.Cancellations must be received in writing – mail, email or fax – to Leishman Associates. Cancellations will not be deemed to be received until you have written confirmation from Leishman Associates. If you have not received acknowledgement within two business days, please contact the Conference Managers – Leishman Associates on (03) 6234 7844. 

Non payment of registration does not constitute cancellation of registration or additional activities. All cancellations must be advised in writing.


Registration fees do not include insurance of any kind. It is strongly recommended that participants take out their own general travel insurance. It is suggested that the insurance policy should also cover loss of fees/deposit, airfares, accommodation charges, medical expenses, loss or damage to personal property and repatriation expenses. The insurance should cover loss arising from the cancellation of the conference by the organisers or a person’s inability to attend due to any reason whatsoever. No responsibility is taken by the conference managers for any person not holding insurance.

Late Registration

The organisers cannot guarantee that collateral, such as satchels, will be available to late registering delegates (inside one month before the Conference). In addition, there is a risk that social program functions may be fully subscribed. This policy has been implemented to enable a greater efficiency in the coordination necessary during the lead-up to the conference, and to ensure the most enjoyable Conference experience possible for everyone involved.

Various components of this event are being handled by a Professional Conference Organiser (PCO) Leishman Associates may be contacted regarding any matters relating to the event management. Further information can be found at the following website www. leishman-associates.com.au