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ATEM Ghosts Soiree

ATEM Ghosts Soiree

The idea of The Ghosts was born during the momentous years of 1997-1999 in Jim McLauchlan’s presidency when he commissioned Maree Conway, the author of the first History of AITEA, to chair a reformist movement called “The AITEA 2000 Writers Group”. In mid-1998 it was suggested that AITEA ought to create an organisation where the previous members could go and retain a point of cohesion with the organisation, and where they could continue to be more or less useful.
Jim of course is our wonderful REO for NSW/ACT.

As people retire, they receive an invitation from convenor Peter Scardoni to join the group.
The ghosts have been great fundraisers for the ATEM Foundation through their yearly (in) famous dinners and lunches.

For a history of the ghosts go to our website.

When: Tuesday 11 September 2018
Where: TBA
Time: TBA